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About C-Sweet

Our Mission

Let's break all glass ceilings and barriers to career success.

C-Sweet™ fosters executive level relationships for business development, collaboration and expanded career paths.

We focus on creating expanded professional networks of female colleagues in leadership positions to foster innovation.  

We create opportunities for trusted and confidential exchange and business / career development as you connect with others to freely brainstorm and discuss challenges facing your projects and your business.

And, our events are always fun!

Who We Are

  • Female CEO / Presidents, CFOs, COOs, CIO / CTOs, CMOs, VPs,  Directors and Founders across industries
  • "Women Who Write Checks" - finance executives in Angel investing, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Family Offices, and institutional finance
  • Women who support Women on their way to the top and extend a hand to those that follow

C-Sweet:  Promoting Women's Economic Success

  • We create learning and networking opportunities that lead to professional growth and personal development
  • We offer exclusive educational networking events panels and keynote speakers
  • We facilitate the exchange of ideas, strategies, and tactics for success

Women on Boards Initiative

Interested in a Corporate, Non-Profit, or Advisory Board position? C-Sweet has a focused initiative to get more women on boards!

During this monthly Roundtable we help you get ready for and find a board position, plus share insider tips and experience. 

Some of our previous speaker topics include How To Land a Board Position, How to Craft a Board Resume, Pay and Compensation Negotiations, Fiduciary Duties, the Environmental, Societal and Governance (ESG) Climate, relevant Legislation, and more.

Visit our Events page or email us at if you’d like to join the Roundtable.

At C-Sweet we seek to lift up and empower. As an organization designed to fight systemic barriers within the workplace and financial fields, C-Sweet does not discriminate against sex, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, handicap, or national origin. Our network actively seeks to combat misogyny, racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and all other forms of hate. Discriminatory acts of violence and hate are intolerable, unjust, and wrong.


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Contact C-Sweet:

Address:  23823 Malibu Rd #108, Malibu, CA  90265


Call:  818-222-0300

When Female Leaders Collaborate,

We All Win!

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